Get ready to take a journey through the magical world of books…

The boutique hotel with a library concept in the magnificent Mount Erciyes, which includes everything in terms of holiday, peace, pleasure and quality, will be opening soon.

The Library Erciyes Hotel is a community. It is a community of culture, arts, sports and entertainment as well as a community of people who appreciate the beauty of nature and feel the responsibility to protect it.


In our hotel which is decorated with a traditional understanding and a global perspective, there are 1 Master Suite, 3 Junior Suites, 2 Family rooms and 34 Standard rooms.

In our hotel, which offers high-level service and private living spaces with its concept rooms and suites, an environment where you can get away from city life and be alone with nature awaits you.


Food & Beverage

In addition to the Kayseri cuisine that comes to mind first in Turkey with its unique local dishes, you will love the tastes enriched with our delicious menus.

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Our Covid-19 Measures
Dear Guests and Business Partners,

We all experience the effects and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world. As the Library Hotel Erciyes, we would like to share in detail with you the measures we have taken in this process as well as our increased care, practices and services.

In the normalization process, we have implemented a number of hygiene rules as well as some procedures and health practices, which are considered as “new normal”, in order to host our guests in the most comfortable and healthy way possible. All of these practices are implemented with due diligence in order to provide a healthier holiday experience to you, our valued guests, and are presented below for your information.

We wish you a joyful holiday, where you can enjoy the white and Erciyes.

The practices implemented by the Library Hotel Erciyes in order to ensure the protection against COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and prevent its spread

1. Compliance with Legal Provisions and Customer Terms (Health & Safety)

• In our facility, necessary measures are taken in accordance with legal regulations published by T.R. Ministry of Health, T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, T.R. Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the World Health Organization and Customer Terms (Health & Safety).

• In this regard, necessary arrangements are made depending on the amendments to the legislation.

2. Audits and International Standards

• Completely fulfilling Safe Tourism practices, our facility has been certified by an accreditation body in line with international standards. Audits are carried out at regular intervals and the continuity of our certificates is ensured.

• In this regard, our facility is constantly audited by ministries, accreditation bodies and our business partners in accordance with national and international hygiene standards, and our standards are continuously improved and their continuity is ensured.

3. Control and Practices in Our Facility

- Food and domestic water

• In accordance with the provisions of legal regulations, samples of daily produced food products are taken and controlled, and the products in question are stored at appropriate temperatures and conditions.

4. Our Employees and Facility Management

• All our employees are trained on hygiene, occupational health and safety as well as methods implemented in our facility in order to ensure protection against Coronavirus and prevent its spread, and trainings are repeated at regular intervals.

• Our employees are subject to necessary medical examinations, and their pre-recruitment/periodic medical examinations are followed by our workplace doctor.

• Our employees are requested to act in accordance with the social distancing rules in service and recreation areas and use necessary hygiene items and personal protective equipment during the work and service. In this regard, necessary audits are carried out.

• Procedures for the isolation of employees who become infected or have Covid-19 symptoms are created and ready to apply. Body temperature of our employees at the entrance and exit of the facility is recorded and medical checks are carried out at regular intervals.

4. Visitors, Tenants and Purchase of Goods & Services

• Except in compulsory cases, no visitor is permitted enter into our facility. When necessary, the body temperature of visitors is measured at the entrance to the facility and it is ensured that the visitors are in hygiene points and comply with the social distancing rules.

• It is ensured and inspected that suppliers, service providers and tenants provide services in accordance with the LHE Covid-19 Protection and Spread Measures established by our facility and the relevant legal regulations.

5. Welcoming of guests

• Medical checks and body temperature of our guests are made at the entrance to our facility. Guests are asked to fill in a Covid-19 guest information form. Thus, their traceability is ensured.

• Until the completion of check-in procedure, guests are asked to wait in the designated area in accordance with social distancing rules.

• In the area where the check-in procedure is carried out, markings which draw attention to the social distancing rule have been made, and necessary hygiene kits are available for the use of our guests. Upon the completion of procedures, guests are directed to their rooms.

• Masks are provided to our guests who enter and stay in our facility during their stay.

• We continue to provide bellboy services. Guest's baggage is left in the room by bellboy using special gloves with minimal contact before the guest's entrance to the room.

• At the same time, we continue to provide valet services by taking necessary precautions.

• Arrangements have been made to ensure that food & beverage service hours comply with social distance rules. Guests are informed about meal times during check-in.

6. Room services

• The rooms of our guests are cleaned and disinfected to ensure the maximum hygiene in accordance with the instructions and procedures that relate to the protection measures from COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the measures against its spread.

• In the room cleaning process, our employees wash and disinfect their hands properly and change gloves after cleaning of any room is completed, in order to prevent cross contamination.

• In order to prevent cross contamination in the room cleaning process, cloth coding system is applied.

• Cleaning and disinfection processes are carried out in more detail in the rooms where the guests have just departed (check-out day). After being disinfected with the ozone system, rooms are ventilated and made ready for the next guest.

• Chemicals used in room cleaning are chemicals that comply with international standards and legal regulations.

• Products such as shampoo, body lotion and glasses etc. offered to guests in the rooms are prepared for single use. Upon the request of our guests, products such as paper, envelope etc. are provided to the rooms.

• Hand sanitizer dispensers and grey waste bins for used masks and gloves are placed in front of all elevator entrances for the use of guests.

• Textile products such as bed sheets and towels are washed with suitable chemicals at 70-90°C.

• Areas in the rooms that guests frequently contact such as remote control, telephone, door handle etc. are disinfected more frequently.

• Upon the request of our guests, room service is provided within the scope of hygiene conditions.

7. Food & Beverage Services

• In production areas, production is carried out by the use of personal hygiene equipment in compliance with the social distancing rules as well as the legislation requirements.

• In these areas, audits are carried out at regular intervals by the T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and accreditation bodies.

• Fruit and vegetable disinfection is carried out with the ozone system.

• The outer packaging of raw materials and products obtained from suppliers are removed before their acceptance to the production area and they are stored under hygienic conditions.

• In the service areas, the layout has been arranged in accordance with the social distancing rules (1.5 meters between tables, 60 cm between chairs around the same table).

• All kinds of food & beverage services are provided by our staff using personal protective equipment (mask, gloves, face shield, etc.).

• All food presentation units are protected to prevent contact.

• No equipment such as fork, spoon, spice, cruet set, toothpick etc. is available on the tables. They are served as single use upon the request of guests.

• Tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected after each guest use.

• At the entrance of the restaurant, the body temperature of our guests is measured with a contactless thermometer.

• Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at the entrances of the restaurant for our guests.

8. Spa & Wellness

• An appointment system is implemented for Spa & Fitness services.

• In the service process, we serve you in accordance with social distancing rules and by using personal protective equipment.

• Hand sanitizer dispensers are placed for the use of guests at easily accessible points.

• After each guest use, the relevant areas and equipment are disinfected with appropriate methods and chemicals.

• The used linens are washed at a temperature of 70-90°C and their hygiene is ensured.

• Skin care, make-up and permanent make-up applications are not applied.

9. Hand Sanitizers and Mask Use

• In all common areas that our guests and staff can easily access, hand sanitizer dispensers are placed.

It is regularly checked whether hand sanitizers are filled, and if the dispenser is empty, it is immediately replaced.

• There are sufficient masks for all our staff and guests and they are provided for the use of our guests.

• In our facility, it is compulsory for our staff, tenants, our suppliers and service providers to use masks as stipulated by the T.R. Ministry of Health and relevant legislation.

10. Disinfection in Common Areas

• Disinfection for surfaces and common areas frequently contacted by our guests are carried out at more frequent intervals.

• In order to ensure the hygiene of the environment, disinfection with ozone is also carried out in all WCs in common areas.

• Appropriate methods are developed in order to prevent contact with door handles and handle systems of WCs.

• Following the service provided, equipment such as sunbeds etc. used by our guests in common areas is disinfected with ULV devices, using chemicals in accordance with international standards.

• After each guest use, shuttle vehicles are disinfected with a disinfectant approved in accordance with international standards. At the end of the day, they are disinfected with the ULV Device.

11. Capacity Limitations for Common Areas in the Facility

• Since the main restaurant is the most frequently used common area, the service hours for food & beverage services in the main restaurant area are divided in order to ensure the compliance with the social distancing rules. During the check-in process, the guests are asked in which time period they want to eat and the said information is recorded.

12. Informing and Raising Awareness of Our Guests

• Information posters on Covid-19 protection methods published by the T.R. Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization are placed in common areas with at least three language options.

• Brochures containing information on protection against Covid-19 and prevention of its spread will be provided to our guests at the check-in process.

13. Health services

• Medical treatment and ambulance service is provided by our contracted hospitals.

18. Our Preparedness Team against Covid-19

• In our facility, a Preparedness Team has been established under the chairmanship of the General Manager in order to prevent the occurrence of any Covid-19 suspicion or case, considering the suggestions and opinions of our Workplace Doctor.

• The Preparedness Team has prepared the Emergency Plan and Risk Assessment Report. It revises them according to legal conditions and international standards if necessary.

• Our Covid-19 Preparedness Team inspects all processes and applications implemented in our facility.

• Any communication, correspondence and information within the facility is provided by the Covid-19 Preparedness Team.